Plym Trail SUMMER Weekend
August 2018

Well, that was the weekend that was .........

.......and it was certainly a game of two halves. One glorious sunshine and the other one the heaviest torrential rain we have ever seen in August !!

We have two new Course Records for the Aggregate Time over the two Marathons in both the Men's and Ladies' categories.

Brian Robb holds the new Men's Record of 6:12:21 and Debbie Burman now holds the Ladies' Record of 7:56:36 with Day 2 being the slightly slower of the two days (probably something to do with the torrential rain!). Both candidates managed to individually win both days which is also a mean accomplishment.

Too many highlights to name them all on one page but we were all entaertained by Rima, also known as Tyre Lady. She dragged a tyre behind her for two days of Full Marathons in an aggregate time of 15:23:51 which is a new Course Record for dragging a tyre as well as our slowest ever athlete over two days.

The Plym Trail is situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within the National Park of Dartmoor. The stunning views of the forests and valleys are breathtaking and you are likely to see Peregrin Falcons in the summer as well as an abundance of incredible flora and fauna.
Formerly an historic railway, this area is now enjoyed throughout the year by runners, walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
You will also see the wild ponies and sheep that permanently reside on the Moors as well as the smaller rodents and fowl that thrive in this wonderful community.
The course is a quick 1.58 mile 'out and back' in Clearbrook village followed by a 12.31 miles 'out-and-back' run on the well-signposted Cycle Route 27 which is completed twice and will be well marshalled.
Toilets and refreshments will be situated at the Race HQ near the Start/Finish Line and at the turnaround point at Coypool.
Another refreshment station will be manned near Bickleigh Barracks which is situated approximately halfway between Clearbrook and the turnaround point at Coypool. At Coypool you must show your Running Number or you will not be recorded as having run the full Marathon distance !
Here comes the rules .............All Athletes must be atleast 17 years old, 6.5 hours cut off, DQ for littering or failing to follow instructions from Marshalls, Running Numbers visible at all times, Stay on Cycle Path 27, Share the Trail with Wildlife and other people and dont upset anyone.

Follow the link for the 13.1 and 26.2 miles Course Map........



Day 1Full Marathon:
Males: 1st Brian Robb 3:03:33 2nd Martin Hill 3:06:33 3rd Richard Pedrick 3:25:36
Females: 1st Debbie Burman 3:53:22 2nd Summer Runner 4:18:38 3rd Ruth Taylor 4:19:46

Half Marathon Winners:
Martin Finnernon 1:29:15 & Jessica Lowe 1:42:04

Day 2 Full Marathon:
Males: 1st Brian Robb 3:08:48 2nd Roger Voaden 3:26:36
3rd Geoffery Hill 3:39:55
Females: 1st Debbie Burman 4:03:14 2nd Sharon Hicks 4:25:30
3rd Sarah Hillson 4:47:55

Half Marathon Winners:
Wim Wuyten 1:33:38 & Helga Soetens 1:42:14

We would like to give special thanks to Richie Hick, Wayne (Mr Tyre Man) and Clearbrook Village Community for all their behind-the-scenes assistance.

Athletes testimonies.......

"Wow ! Great venue and I enjoyed the whole day. So good that I signed up for all the other weekends as soon as I got home !" Kathy Perry.

"I signed up for every race in the 2018 Plym Trail Series and look forward to it every time !".  Stephen Boyes.

"Amazing new series of medals and and a lovely atmosphere all day. Great value for money event and a lovely cup of tea in the Village Hall before and after the race was a nice touch as well. We will be back again soon !" Ann Pontefract & Jackie Wiggins.

"What an amazing way to spend your 50th birthday !" Dawn Howles.

"......firstandlastrunning did a great job of organising, supporting and providing fuel on a pleasurable yomp........ Good, low key, great value event, cheers guys !" Carl Miles.

"Another great weekend on the Plym Trail with a fantastic medal and great camerarderie and atmosphere as always." Sarah Salt.

"Thanks to all the organisers, Marshalls and fellow athletes...... one of the friendliest races around but a chair lift at mile 25 would be appreciated !" Paul Caulfield.

"....they made me feel instantly welcome when I turned up this morning at Dartmoor to run, I was surrounded by some seriously tough experienced runners but Davey blew that feeling away very quickly and was chatting to me and the other runners very quickly." Darren Philip.

"When is the next one !!??" Sharon & Robert Hooper.

"I just could not think of anywhere else I would rather be today !" Paul Nolan.

"A great,well marshalled, and beautiful course. One of the best kept secrets on the Marathon circuit......." Paul Allen (over 300 Marathons).

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